How and When to upgrade in M2M programs

Two most complicated things people face while using member to member programs is how and when to upgrade, and how to find transaction ID / HASH / TX or whatever it is called. 
After registering the account in M2M program you need to make your first and only out of pocket payment to your upline, which is the person you were invited by. And then you need to make regular ugrades. The procedure is simple.

Here are simple steps, and those which may be a little more complicated.

1. Click the UPGRADE or UPGRADE TO NEXT STAGE button - it might look different in different programs, but it usually is in your dashboard. I will show you 2 programs here, CryptoBitX, and MyBTCADZ.

 2. You will get to the page, which shows you the person (upline) you need to send money to, her or his Bitcoin address and the amount you need to send. Copy the address and remember the amount and go to you Bitcoin wallet to pay it.

3. After payment go back to the program and scroll down the UPGRADE  page to Step 2. You have to confirm your payment, otherwise it will not be OK...

4. After you paste the amount paid (without any fees) and the Transaction ID, click SUBMIT and you are UPGRADED.

As to when to upgrade the answer is simple - I usually pay my first two payments at once, and then I pay as soon as I get enough money from the next level. Do not wait to late because you may loose money. Some people upgrade really fast!