Setup Coinbase

Here is a simple picture guide how to setup your wallet with Coinbase 

We recommend Coinbase, because the best paying faucet pays only to Coinbase e-mail address, but you can also use your Bitcoin address, too.

1. Go to, and put your email address like this.

2. Fill in your name, surname, email, and password, check the agree field, and click Create account.

3. Go to your inbox and click link to verify your email address.

4. Choose Individual account, and click Next.

5. Secure your account with the telephone number, and click Next, and you will get the SMS with verification CODE or click SKIP at the bottom to go to your account.

6. This is your Bitcoin wallet on Coinbase. Click Accounts to get your incoming address, so people and programs send Bitcoin to your account.

7. This is your screen with wallets, click Get Bitcoin address in BTC Wallet to show your first Bitcoin address.

8. You are done. This is your private address, which you can copy and use in any Bitcoin program to receive money. That's it. You entered digital currency society.