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Fantastic way to make a lot of money. Not a scam, not a real matrix, no centralized admin account. Only member to member donations controlled by the system and Bitcoin confirmation protocol, that result in money you cannot even imagine. You will find out after getting first 2 donations from your first 2 referrals. All you have to do, is follow simple steps and upgrade sending a small donation of 0.001 BTC (about $2.70) to a given address.
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Now you can join directly under these refs below (their ref links are just like yours they are complete strangers and I do not really know if I spelled their names correctly) - if you do, we will promote your links here and after filling in the positions also your downline's, and downline downlines's, and when we reach the cetrain level we will start the internetional campaign to reach even more referrals for this team.  I am ready to spend 1 Bitcoin a day to reach the final goal.

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  1. Subhan Arifin

Of course you can tell your friends, and promote yourself, post your link on Facebook and tell them about this page. You all can find out a lot about the program from here. The best is that we promote daily (when you work, sleep, eat, etc...) and reach thousands of people, so if you register fast here, you can expect to get referrals from us as the new ones will always slip below you. And remember, helping your refs you help yourself.

The key factor to earning a lot is UPGRADING. Of course you do not have to have more than 0.001 BTC to start. When you upgrade and get your 2 referrals they will provide you with enough donation  0.002 BTC to UPGRADE to next level (0,0015 BTC). And if you do not UPGRADE you will not be eligible to get donations from the people from lower downline levels.

Make sure you know how it works as below...


So once again a little comment on the table and step by step instructions:

1. When you Register you need to send 0,001 BTC to an address given on page after registration and login. Please make sure you know how to find transaction ID (hash) on the Bitcoin site or wallet and put it into the form to confirm the transaction on the page. 

This confirms the transaction and UPGRADES YOU TO STAGE 1

2. When the transaction is confirmed you get your referral link, and you can send it to your friends. You need to invite only 2 people, but do not worry if you have problem finding right guys you can count on our group. I promote this and as I also have to find only 2 people, other ones go under my referrals, so it is worth to register and activate fast.

3. When you find 2 referrals, each of them will send you 0,001 BTC, so you will get 0,002 BTC, but DO NOT stop here. CLICK "UPGRADE TO NEXT STAGE BUTTON" and send 0,0015 BTC to the given address. Fill in the transaction hash and verify transaction. You can do it even at the beginning.

Remember that if you do not UPGRADE you will loose money from 2 LEVEL referrals. After you send 0,0015 BTC and confirm the transaction you will get the UPGRADE TO STAGE 2

4. On the STAGE 2 you will be paid donation of 0,0015 BTC by 4 referrals. These are the people invited by your 2 friends who you invited :) You will get 4 x 0,0015 BTC. So in your wallet you will find 0,006 BTC.

Take 0,004 BTC of this money and pay the next STAGE UPGRADE to the address given under UPGRADE TO THE NEXT STAGE BUTTON. This will take you to the STAGE 3.

5. At STAGE 3 8 referrals will send you 0,004 BTC, so in your wallet you will find 0,032 BTC. That's about 40 USD. But wait DO NOT STOP.

Leave 0,012 BTC in the wallet and pay the UPGRADE of 0,02 BTC, and get to STAGE 4....

6. At STAGE 4 16 people referred by somebody in the downline will pay 0,02 BTC to your wallet. That's 0.32 BTC (approx $360 now). But this is just a beginning of thrills.

Leave 0.12 BTC ($150) in your wallet and pay an UPGRADE of 0.2 BTC to get to STAGE 5  

7. At STAGE 5 32 people referred by somebody in the downline will pay 0.2 BTC to your wallet. And that's 6.4 BTC (approx $7000 now). Happy? BUT DO NOT STOP.

Leave 5.4 BTC ($6000) in your wallet and pay an UPGRADE of 1.0 BTC to get to STAGE 6  

8. At STAGE 6 64 people referred by somebody in the downline will pay 1.0 BTC into your wallet. And that's 64 BTC (approx $70,000 now). 

And just think, take this 8 BTC and UPGRADE to STAGE 7 where the new treat is waiting for you.

At STAGE 7 128 PEOPLE will send you 8 BTC, that's 1097 BTC, a lot of money - do your math.

 So register by clicking the banner below, and remember we will HELP.